Jasmine and Ryan are the master bakers in the food truck. Jasmine loves baking cookies and Ryan likes eating them...and dreaming about them. Why not sell something thats been taste-tested and perfected for years!  

Jazzy is the original cookie queen. She is a cookie pioneer born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. The sweet aroma of her baked goods has been smelled by migrating orcas across the ocean for years. Her dedication to the successful integration of basic baking ingredients has changed the world forever. She is also an experienced musician and Human Resources manager. She is known as the "list lady" due to her organizational skills. Her lists have kept this business on the right track. 



He hails from the cold northern tundra of Minnesota. For over 30 years he was fed corn and walleye while being raised by a pack of native timberwolves.  Ryan cannot bake, but he can eat like any of the great roman emperors. He knows a good cookie when he tastes one and Jazzy had the best cookies...so he married her. 



Ezra Meeker: A legendary Pioneer in the Pacific Northwest. He has nothing to do with our company, but he sure looks cool. This man did the Oregon Trail for fun!






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